Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why We Hate Off-sites - 2

Misery loves company

“It's her party, and she'll make you cry if she wants to.”

A former employee of a NY based publishing house recalls how a dream retreat - a four-day excursion for 45 people in Rio de Janeiro to bring the sales team together - was actually more stressful than being in the office.

The problem? The executive in charge managed the extracurricular agenda the same way she ran the 9-to-5 one: like a battalion chief. "She made us go out dancing with her until 3 a.m.," the ex-staffer says. "Then she was angry when everyone was exhausted the next day." Irritated by her troops' lack of enthusiasm, the boss ordered them all into their swimsuits after dinner for relay races in the hotel pool. "Of course, everyone was worried when her team lost," says the former employee. "No one dared beat her."

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