Tuesday, January 30, 2007

High-Flyers - Uber-Execs

How to spot your next batch of high-flyers and what sets them apart ...

“High-flyers really are better than the rest of us - at least when it comes to 'personality factors' and reasoning abilities.”

  • Look for managers who challenge norms
    high-flyers think more broadly and creatively than ordinary mortals - and they're more open to doing things in new ways
  • Let them express themselves
    they pay attention to communication in order to strengthen relationships and want others to understand them
  • Ask them to feel your pain (joy, anger)
    'social functioning' (gregariousness, warmth) ie they're more capable of understanding colleagues’ emotions
  • Don't ask for accuracy
    there were no differences in speed and accuracy of thought between fast-trackers and slowcoaches
  • Let them imagine
    'sensing' and intuition are what they're good at

Source: British Psychological Society

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