Monday, January 22, 2007

CEO Seven Year Itch

Leaders are always tested and scutinised in one way or another, whether its externally or internally by your team. Its really hard for leaders to get honest feedback when they are in a position of power. People look to leaders for cues. But not every leader in a new job is aware of the kind of signals they are sending off. One of the lessons to learn and learn fast is you're always sending a signal, and you better send the right ones. Most people who first become a boss make mistakes whether its through (failing at something, your thinking is blocked, or bad habits)it happens. Ask yourself this ... If you were applying for your job today. What are the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats ...

“Would I be the right person. Would I Hire me today, do I have what it takes, what skills do I want, should I past the baton to someone else ...”

.... or hire somebody who can give me the skills I need, what would be the 10 things on my accomplish list be, what news ones

Personal or Strategic reinvention is a test, and you're self test is to ask yourself and be completely honest. If you screw up, be honest with yourself, don't deny the reality, face the reality. Being honest and admit you made a mistake. Why did I make that mistake! and how do I move on from here. Followers only follow by consent, you really cannot afford to push people, great leaders work to get people on their side.

If you've been in your role for a while, now is the time to reinvent yourself. Being the leader means never underestimating relationships you come into contact with, leaders want buy-in, to be bought into the process with Peers and Subordinates, so its not alright to assume because you're the boss that YOU ARE THE BOSS!. Shifting out of the pattern of the old way and moving forward with effectiveness, stand in front of your mirror and take the time for introspection.

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