Friday, January 12, 2007

Communication Excelerator

Executives lose their effectiveness or can even derail, not because they not smart enough, but because they fail to connect with or understand their impact on the people around them. Communication is our biggest point of leverage. It may seem simple enoughbut it's certainly not easy, communicating with stakeholders is difficult. We tend to underestimate its importance and the commitment involved. How many of us ignore consistent communication ... how often have you heard people saying he/she has a clumsy interpersonal style, perhaps arrogant. Does your organisation spend more time and money focusing solely on technical skills or strategy instead. Do you know how well you communicate with others? How clear are you about your impact on others?
Do you know what you do well and how to improve on it. If your communication is a knowledge engine for your company! Finally, ask yourself - how would communicating even better benefit both me and the organisations that I work in? What are the "hard" Wins/Profit that will result from developing this "soft" competency?