Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full

“Is this typical of you - positive and growth-oriented is your glass half full or half empty ...”

Glass is Half Full: Pros:

  • Positive thinker.
  • Views the world at what has been achieved.
  • More satisfied.
  • Thinks that you have filled half already and it is easy to fill next half.

Half full against Half Empty: >>> more of negative, never satisfied with the results.

Glass is Half Empty: Pros:

  • Creative thinker, finds the gap to make existing system as legacy.
  • Has good vision on what has to be done, thinker of, “Lots to do before going to sleep”.
  • More optimistic and enthusiasts.
  • Has no over-confidence, on what has been accomplished.

Half Empty against Half Full: Overconfidence on what s/he has done.

And on conclusion, it has been found whether you think the glass is half empty or half full, this say's more about your mood than your behaviour at a particular time ... draw your own conclusion on this!