Friday, January 19, 2007

Change: The Only Constant

CIO Insight . January 2007 Research - Future of IT, outlines the top business, managerial and technology priorities for 2007. Customer Service levels drooped in 2006.

Strategic applications and technologies that can help boost service and revenues, such as business intelligence, will be especially important this year.
The report goes onto say there will be fewer graduates in IT, but the real revolution will happen as SOA (service oriented-architecture) and Web-services architectures bring new options. Here are the highlights of the research report:
  1. Customer Service Surges as a Top Priority for 2007
  2. Business Intelligence Tops the Strategic Technology List
  3. CIOs Are Optimistic About Growth
  4. The Business Environment in 2012
  5. The IT Organisation in 2012
  6. Security and Risk in 2012
  7. Technologies in 2012
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