Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nemorelaxer Airport Luxury

“Coming Soon To An Aiport Near You ... the latest in airport luxury”

The Nemorelaxer will be cropping up in European passenger lounges, a sound-proofed pod recliner chair, sound-isolating materials and a cocoon for privacy. The Nemorelaxer also has a touchscreen monitor for watching movies and a fold-away worktable with internet connection. The idea is from a new company 'Nemorerelax' is designed to create an ‘oasis of calm’ in busy airport surroundings and the pods will be arranged in groups in a special area, fronted by a reception desk and helpful staff. They’ll loan you a notebook if you don’t have one and even look after your luggage while you snooze, slave or surf the Net. Time slots will be sold by the half hour and the fact that they haven’t told us what it will cost gives you some indication of the type of customer they are targeting

Source: Gizmondo, Luxist

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