Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Only Those Who Do It Can Teach You How

Ricardo Bellino the Brazilian Entrepreneur has a new book out.

You Have 3 Mintutes ... Is it really possible to learn something from a book like this ...”

Extracts from Richard Bellino ... These are professionals whose examples inspire me and continue to inspire me. Being able to live with these mentors has provided me with an invaluable learning experience. With them I was able to learn what is not taught in school; practical lessons in life and work that showed me how to overcome obstacles and succeed. Donald Trump was one of those people. When I looked him up to sell him my idea about building a real estate venture in Brazil, I was given a true lesson in how to negotiate. This lesson, incidentally, was motivation I put to good use when I wrote a book called You Have 3 Minutes! Learn the Secrets of the Pitch from Trump's Original Apprentice. When Trump speaks about things like thinking big or being passionate about what you do, skeptics rush to accuse him of creating a list of obvious ideas. The fact of the matter is, there is no secret and bombastic ingredient capable of making someone an instant success. From this perspective, the greatest revelation in Trump’s book is to show that the ingredients for success are always the same: determination, passion, enthusiasm, effort, and hard work. How to manipulate them and use them in your favor, with utmost efficiency, is what really makes the difference. And that is something only those who do it can teach.

Source: Trump University, read full article

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