Monday, October 15, 2007

Glossy Gossip Rag-Mags for 52 pound

Quirk of the Week:

“UK is being flooded with the release of one a month Glossy gossip rag-magazines ...”

Is it me or is the UK being inundated with glossy gossip mags. Every which way you turn the TV adverts, newspaper and book stands are stacked high with same a-to-c list gossip that already being broadcast across the internet and covered by the top-end glossies like Hello, Grazia, and Glamour. So the cost of reading replicated news that comes across with its own blend of superficiality, envy, cattiness, mockery of the everyday lives of a-c list celebs with the non-celeb issues thrown in for good measure, are these gossip rag-mags worth the paper they are printed on. Considering they cost one pound an issue, and if bought over a 4 week period for a year that's (52 pound) half the cost of colour TV licence. What else could you buy with 52 pounds, and that's not to say you buy just the one title with so many to choose from. We seem to be swampted with so many new ones advertised bi-monthly, I've lost count ... Are these rag-mags a worthwhile read or just re-churned news that can be read for free if you scour the internet.

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