Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rollins Out; Michael Dell Returns as CEO

Its all change at the top for Dell. Does Michael Dell have what it takes to turn the $60 billion company around? It's been years since he shouldered day-to-day operational responsibility on his own. Dell says he has a clear plan. Michael Dell believes the company's supply chain and manufacturing can be improved.

“I think you're going to see a more streamlined organisation, with a much clearer strategy.”

In recent months, Dell has struggled as its market share has slipped and an SEC investigation into Dell's accounting and financial practices has dragged on. According to Goldman Sachs, Dell is losing share in business spending for PCs.

[Hewlett-Packard is also losing share of spending, while Lenovo (LNVGY) and Apple are gaining.]Dell, which has watched as rival Hewlett-Packard has drained away its once dominant market share, announced late on Jan. 31 that its namesake founder Michael Dell will return as the company's CEO immediately. Kevin Rollins, who took over as CEO in 2004, has resigned as the CEO and will abdicate his spot on the company's board of directors.

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Rob said...

Do you think Rollins is wondering what to do next. It must be difficult picking yourself up and wiping of the dust at such a high level. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Michael Dell is the right man for the job, he should of being doing the job back in 2004, politics.