Thursday, February 08, 2007

Picture Postcard Weather

We're having picture postcard weather here in snowy Essex. It snowed for most of the night and as far as the eyes can see, blanket of snow is everywhere. Oh the car doesn't seem to want to start this morning either, its going to be fun wading through in hiking boots. How's the weather near you ... Its actually snowing quite a lot across UK. Car is not going anywhere today. All those travelling out today please have a safe journey.


Clare said...

Picture Postcard Hell at the minute, the schools in my area are closed, I had to stay home with my kids, I don't have much in the way of shopping (this evening is shopping day!!!). I might go online and see what's in Tesco. I read that the British Chambers of Commerce expects that the lateness and loss of work hours caused by transport disruptions will cost the British economy up to £400 million. That's huge especially when we already have to put up with a inadequate Tube service.

Andrew said...

Its chaos, taken nearly 3 hours to get to and from the Luton Airport, my flight out to Geneva has been cancelled. Whoever said Snow was fun, was telling porkies, its no fun when you have to get from A to B.