Monday, February 05, 2007

Breach Remarkable Film

Tell me 5 things about yourself, 4 of them which are true ... taken from the Breach

“A remarkable film, full of intrigue suspense and suspicion”

Outline : When young Eric O'Neill is promoted out of his low-level surveillance job and into the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, his dream of becoming a full-fledged agent is on the verge of becoming reality. Even more impressive, O'Neill is hand picked to work for renowned operative Robert Hanssen within "information assurance," a new division created to protect all classified FBI Intelligence. But O'Neill is quickly confronted with the true reason behind his hire: Hanssen is the sole subject of a long-term, top-secret investigation, a suspected mole made all the more dangerous by the sheer global import of the information he is charged with protecting. The Bureau asks O'Neill to use Hanssen's growing trust and slowly draw the traitor out of deep cover. Engaged in a lethal game of spy-versus-spy without the benefit of a cover story or backup, O'Neill finds himself fighting to bring down Hanssen before the treacherous double-agent can destroy O'Neill, his family and the nation they are both sworn to serve.

Director: Billy Ray, Film: Universal Studios, Release Feb 16.


Samuel said...

Another conspiracy theory waiting to be leaked, isn't this like all the other films that's past. Will it top the Bourne Identity?

Ray said...

Chap who plays Hanssen is great, he's like everyone you have ever worked with, you know the type sneaky and untrusting, they always seem to get away with it and then they get caught out. I'm waiting for the release dates in London. Any free tickets !

Julie Williams said...

No free tickets, keep you posted on dates, check back here

Anonymous said...

Hey Samuel, that's the whole point of watching a movie duh