Wednesday, September 12, 2007

London Underground Tube on a go slow!

“What is (LUL) London Underground Ltd doing to organise itself”

Last week we experienced a 72 hour strike on the Tube, and today to add salt to the wounds, LUL annouces a series of unbelievable reasons why the service is being reduced ... could it be the live Football coverage on BBC1 England vs Russia (or) they are on a go slow after last week ? ... What makes a bad passenger experience are the different apologetic stories being broadcast "due to a fire at Epping" "due to a derailment at ..." "due to whatever ..." we heard it all today and none of what was said made any sense.

12.33 and London Westbound Central Line cancels its tube service between White City and Marble Arch, a few minutes later the Eastbound Central Line packs up and diverts the Woodford service to run back to Hainhault leaving passengers to continue their journey anticlockwise into London. Adding 45 minutes to a 15 minute journey!!!

Then to top it some bright spark at LUL decides it's best to close the down escalator at Liverpool Street in the rush hour to get home creating more annoyance a long line of passengers queue for what seems ages and, LUL announce everyone should board first available tube and change at Leytonstone.

If you have ever had to endure this journey you would know that when your destination is halted at Leytonstone, it pretty much mean a mass crowd overspilling platforms in the attempt to cross over to board the empty tube on waiting on platform 2 - NOT! - no today was different. At Stratford another annoucement about boarding the first available tube, then to everyone's surprise an empty tube pulls in speeds up and exit the station.

Finally reaching Leytonstone, LUL believe it or not decides to terminate the Eastbound Hainhault trains packed with passengers, so the platform not only fills up but becomes dangeorously unsafe adding a 16 minute interval delay and a already packed tube that should be acting as a shuttle service soon to depart the opposite platform. Mayor Livingstone do something fast, everyone is furious with being treated like cattle, having to pay increase upon increase in already high fares. Make the people who are accountable for the service and get it sorted. Life in London is busy as it is transport service is inadequate and it's going to get worst.

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