Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recovering Your Organisation

“5 steps to getting your Organisation back on its feet”

  • Maintain Business Vision:
    ... don't lose sight of your (strategic & tactical) vision

  • Motivate People:
    ... motivating your people to want to change is not an option. Change starts with you, take a long hard look in the mirror; if you can do it so can they...

  • Cut through Bureaucracy:
    ... Communicate with Enthusiam, Energise your Thinking, Listen with both ears and eyes, Execute and Take Action

  • Changing Mindsets:
    ... Re-shaping the old way with new culture

  • Manage with Less:
    ... Adopting a lean(er) culture and structure, the timing is everything, act fast to deliver 100% efficiency to your customers inside and outside your organisation


Geraldine said...

It's hard to replace the old school thnking with new culture. Sometime the culture is so engrained in everything that we do we can hardly breathe new life because we're suffocating in what has be the way its always been

Ubercoach said...

Geraldine, in rough times we have to be prepared to adapt to what is more suitable, what would be a better fit to get the results, people are what makes the difference, people like you who recognise something has to give

Oli said...

Its better to have tried than not have tried at all, that's my motto. Greenspan compares this recession to the 1930's. In the 1930's people encountered a depression with little else than hope, in this day and age we have a lot more and our outlook may be bleak but we have technology and more resources that do not confine us to doom and gloom.

John P said...

Shape the world you want to work in one day at a time or move on

Hugh said...

Nothing happens without a plan. A that has a reduced headcount is going to be tough to pull off. But do we have a choice.