Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Changing Team Behaviours and Attitudes

“ If you want to change an individual's behaviour or attitudes to a more desirable end - at any time and in any cirumstance ...”

You need to provide answers to two key motivational questions:

What's in it for me? and Why should I care?

Alexander Hiam in Motivational Management outlines 15 different motivators "incentive profile" for employees to consider:

Affiliation, Self-expression, Achievement, Security, Career growth, Excitement, Status, Purpose, Competition, Recognition, Consideration, Autonomy, Responsibility, Personal needs

Most everone wants to work in an environment where there is trust, good communications, the opportunity for contribution, emotional support, clear goals and feedback, and espirit de corps. Not to mention 'reap the fruis of our efforts'

To modify your team's Behaviour and attitudes, as well as to further motivate them to higher levels of performance, you must understand and respond to each person's needs.

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