Friday, May 02, 2008

I will Listen and Lead

“A New Way Forward”

Gordon Brown says in his assessment about the results in the Local Elections that its his job to Listen and Lead following Labour sustaining its worst losses in 40 years to the Conservatives, leaving Labour beaten to 3rd place. So what has Mr Brown being doing as a Leader that stopped him from listening and leading effectively prior to the elections?

Taking on a leadership role requires you to be
accountable in gaining the best results, set the agenda for their team to follow and take action. Effective leaders say what they mean and do what the say they can.


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown couldn't wait to step into Tony Blair's shoes that will never quite fit. People are tired with Labour policies that has proven large failings in the recent influx of immigration, over-spending, education in schools, change is needed, Conservative walk the talk, Labour now is play acting with politics abd that's a reflection of its leader

Jeffrey Porter said...

good leaders are pioneers of change, Cameron is refreshing, Brown is a decade too late, how many lessons does he have too learn

Chris Ratcliffe said...

First lessons for any leader is to listen and lead no matter what. If you have to justify what you need to do next to recify problems then you're just managing issues, you're neither listening nor leading.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think its actually possible to even call yourself a leader and not listen or lead !!! The only person you're doing a dis-service is yourself. No amount of positive spin on what needs to happen now is going to create trust in Labour policies. I'm confident this electorial beating is the start of a recession, world economy is strangling everyone since the credit crunch and lot of people are suffering, to hear a politic admit he needs to listen and lead is not reassuring