Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Banking Trends to watch in 2008

FX-Week headlined Dec 3, "Plain vanilla is no longer flavour of the month" ... ”

Lori Courtney of the Sasqua Group commented

"Banks are increasingly diversifying their businesses away from the plainer instruments in effort to make more money."

The emerging markets is in hot demand (specialist value is moving towards (Russia, Turkey and the Middle East) ...

Another shift will be e-commerce sales and trading, Banks are focusing on e-solutions - Banks are building up their e-commerce operations with sales of these products moving from middle office to front office functions.

Deutsche Bank
Stefan Sutter in Computing (Oct 2007) stated that "The biggest thing at the moment is the impact of the internet. Online banking in the retail sector has shot up by 200 per cent in four years and we have seen similar growth in the securities and commodities markets."

Other Trends to watch in 2008...

Industrialising Processes - quality improvement (Lean Six Sigma) eg. looking at what car manufacturers have done and trying to learn from them about how they standardise their platforms and shrink their margins.

Straight Through Processing (STP) - (back-end integration) with the removal of the manual processing

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