Sunday, August 12, 2007

Creating a Prosperity Mindset

So how is a mindset created?

“What makes you have a mindset that has you expecting breathtaking success every time you attempt something?”

Well, a number of things come to mind.

You don't suffer from jealously about the success of others. George Lucas doesn't have to have a bomb so Steven Spielberg can have a hit movie. Madonna's new album doesn't have to tank so that Beyonce can have a hit. There is enough prosperity to go around. So it's important that you celebrate the success of others. Even if you perceive them to be your competition. In most cases, competition enlarges the available market.

Another important thing is to study people who have been successful in the area you are interested in. This does a few things ...
First and foremost - it builds your belief that a successful outcome is possible. If you're fighting cancer and you read Lance Armstrong's book - it gives your beliefs credibility.

Second, this just gives you overall positive programming. And when you're getting positive programming - it means you're not getting negative programming!

Finally, studying people who are successful in your area gives you the opportunity to model what they have done. You learn from their experience and can achieve your own sooner.

Another important factor in developing a success mindset is hanging around successful people. Jim Rohn or whoever suggested taking a millionaire to lunch had a very good idea.

It's been said that your income will be the average of your five closest friends. Not only do I believe that is true for your income, but I also think it holds true for your health, happiness, self-esteem and just about everything else. Including mindset.

When you hang around successful people, their belief, habits and actions start to rub off on you.
Of course you have to restrict the negative programming you receive from the data-sphere and counteract it with positive programming.

Give this all some thought. And give yourself a grade on what you're doing to develop a mindset of breathtaking success.

*Excerpted from Randy Gage's The Daily Awakening

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