Sunday, December 24, 2006

Meet Ubercoach

Julie Williams
Julie Williams is an accredited executive coach and management consultant, insatiably curious seeker of truth helps exceptional organisations to do better, executives to perform better. She advises & guides Fortune 500 C-level execs in the simplifying complex change (organisational change, process improvement, operational excellence, enabling technologies, reengineering transformation) . Her unique coaching model works across 3 dimensions (energising cxo-execs to get ahead of the game, creating corporate synergy to make it happen, self discovery through life transformations). Julie is passionate about sharing her success lessons with individuals who have the desire to improve. Julie will tell you as it is, and not just what you want to hear, her philosophy is 'simple ideas are easier to execute'. Topics range from complexity, innovative change, motivation & leadership, effectiveness and productivity. Julie is a member of (ICF). Her purpose in life is to live consciously and courageously, create break through success for her client, fully embrace this present moment and have fun. Julie currently lives in England.
skype: julies.williams - web: . enlibra . edge